Thursday, October 1, 2009

Showers of Blessings

I know, I should have come up with a more original title.

Our baby shower was awesome last weekend. The hostesses did a fabulous job decorating and we received a ton of stuff for the baby that will be used more than we can fathom.
There were 6 tables decorated with Dr. Seuss stuffed animals and books. Many of the stuffed animals were mine, but a couple of the girls had some of their own to mix in as well. Here are two of the tables: The food table contained a Cat in the Hat and Yrtle the Turtle. Look at the little green cupcakes! They have yellow ode to Green Eggs and Ham. So cute. There were a couple of bowls of mixed jelly beans and some multi-colored goldfish as well. Hee.This was by far the favorite outfit of the shower. My Mom is holding the little blue sweater that has a white bunny on the front and I'm holding up the little skirt with suspenders that matches it. Adorable. We got our car seat! Woo-hoo. Just need the stroller now.LOOK AT THIS. My Dad has this thing he does with my niece - every time she sees him he gives her quarters. She has already filled two piggy banks, so I was in need of a piggy bank for our little girl. My stepmom does ceramics and she made this Cat in the Hat bank for the nursery!! I LOVE IT. I will photograph it better so you can see all the little details she put into it, but she did a fabulous job. Oh, and yes, Pop put quarters in it for the baby, and then a couple of the little girls at the shower added some dimes and pennies because they wanted to.This was the gift 'o the day though. My sister-in-law built this for my little girl. Can you believe it? They lifted this huge, awkward gift in a big bag onto the table for me and I couldn't begin to figure out what might be inside...never in a million years would I have guessed she would have done this! I also got a bag of some furniture to get us started on making the house a home. I love it.
This is everything opened and displayed on three 8-foot tables. Nice. I was a satisifed and happy momma.


{S} said...

the title is prefect. You are truly blessed.

Jenn said...

I'm so glad you had a good time at the shower! Wish I had been there. These are the first pics I've seen of you in a while. You look great! Ty says I should take back my comment about you having a Halloween baby because he doesn't want you to have to miss it to be in the hospital having the baby, but I still think it'd be cool!

Angy said...

Perfect what I have seen. And your last post of the IKEA goodies - yummy and so fun.

BTW - Yes the tag you mentioned on my blog was from the swap I was in with you. I still have all the ones you did. Though now my goal is to put them to use. Make some cards or little goodies with them.


Sherri P said...

omg, that cat in the hat bank is so perfect! great, fun stuff.