Monday, October 5, 2009

Last Scrapbook Weekend

This past weekend was my last chance at a girl's weekend before becoming an official Mommy. We had our annual fall scrapbook retreat. I was excited to go, although I knew it would be exhausting for me because everything is exhausting for me these days. I didn't take a single photo with me to do any regular lay-outs though. Typically at these retreats I get a lot of pages done...40-50 or so. That means that I sleep about 4-5 hours a night and stay up really, really late. That just wasn't an option for me right now, so I decided to make it a Mod Podge weekend and took a bunch of stuff that I wanted to alter for the baby's room and some gifts. I also spent almost all of Friday night writing out my thank you cards from the baby shower last weekend. I'm happy to say that I finished!

The first item I did was this frame. It will go in the nursery. I found the blank frame on clearance one day at Michael's and decided it was calling my name. It measures 12 x 12.

I also did the next frame for Nick's cubicle at work. I found the blank frame at Hobby Lobby in the Christmas crafts section for 30% off of $3.99 (regular price). Not sure what makes it a Christmas craft, but I was certainly happy to find it. Nick absolutely loves fact I almost got some tears out of him when I presented it to him. Aw.

I had this pink wipees case that was once covered with a big sticker that had all these little flowers and butterflies on it...very pastel and not very exciting. So I decided to decoupage it. I just used the scraps left over from my frame project, and it took very little time to complete.

Francine was working on some old photos from her teen years and she had these cool retro looking stickers, one of which contained this random deer on it. She couldn't figure out what on earth she'd ever do with the deer sticker, and I just happen to know a little girl at church who is completely obsessed with deer, so I asked if I could have it and made a little name plate.

There were 9 of us at the retreat, and on Saturday afternoon the girls threw me a surprise baby shower. I wasn't expecting them to do that, but I kind of figured that they might take the opportunity to do so. It was really sweet and I got some great stuff off my registries and also everyone pitched in an assortment of baby girl scrapbooking items for my stash.
Look at the Dr. Seuss quilt that Sherri made for me! I sent her a pair of pajama pants with the fish on them that Nick had and she used them on the quilt since finding Dr. Seuss fabric is next to impossible unless you want to pay an arm and a leg for it on Ebay.
It rained all weekend, and there really isn't a designated parking area at the retreat so we were parked in the yard. When I went to pull out to back my car up closer to the porch for loading, it got stuck. The mud was thick and slimy stuff...sort of like sewage if you catch my drift. Awesome. So we called the retreat owner and her husband showed up an hour or so later with his huge Dodge truck and a chain to pull my poor little car our of the mud. She severely needs a bath now.

Overall if was a really fun weekend. We ate some good food and laughed enough for a few weekends. I'm sad that I'll probably have to miss the spring retreat but maybe by next fall I'll be ready to go away without the baby. We will see!


Jenn said...

I'm so glad you got to have a little "you time" before the baby comes. I love that you decorated the wipes case! What a great idea! If I could find my Mod Podge, I'd go do mine right now!

Shannon said...

Looks like fun Brandi! Glad you had a good time.

Sherri P said...

Look at that lovely quilt!! lol
I'm so going to go to HL and get one of those frames. I have a friend that just adopted a little baby boy and I'm so making one. great idea.

{S} said...

I figured Sherri would make a quilt! it looks great! aside from the muddy adventure, it sounded like a great weekend. I love the things you made.