Saturday, September 5, 2009


Yesterday was a great mail day because this arrived:
How cute is that??? It's a Giddy Giddy Bow and Hairclip Holder from Itty Bitty Ladybug Boutique. Before you even visit the site you know you love it because the name is so stinkin' cute. They have a whole line of felt hairclips and what-not, but that's not all by any means. There is clothing, dolls, journals, accessories, decor...a little girl's dream store really. Super cute stuff.

Here's the kicker. I *think* I might have won this hairclip holder...but I am not sure. There was no card or note inside the box. I know I didn't buy it. I would remember that. But lately one of my obsessions has been to enter giveaways on blogs because there seems to be a never-ending line of them out there. I follow I Hope I Win for example, so pretty much every contest that is featured I enter. It's an addiction really. But I find them at other places too, so I can't keep track. I remember looking at this website before, but I can't seem to find the blog post where I might have entered to win this. Isn't that funny? No one ever emailed me to tell me I won and get my address, but everything came to me just fine so then maybe I didn't win from a blog because that's typically how they do it. But where then?

Or perhaps I have a mystery gift giver who wanted to remain anonymous. Either way...I LOVE IT!

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{S} said...

what a sweet little surprise! it's darling