Monday, October 12, 2009

Fair Day

Rather than get up at the crack of dawn in an effort to make it to the State Fair this morning in time to actually get a spot in front of the Chevrolet Main Stage for the Oprah/Martina McBride segment, Nick and I opted to sleep in until 9 am. I'd say I'm sorry, but I'm really not.

We instead made it to the Fair around noon. I'm okay with that. I didn't see Oprah, although I heard some people saw her on Sunday because they were there filming some segments early. In fact the only evidence I had that she was ever on the premises was the following sign:When we arrived, the first order of business was lunch, which at the State Fair means a foot long corny dog for normal people and BBQ bologna for my husband. We shared an order of Tornado Taters too.We walked around a bit until we came across Fernie's Fried Peaches 'n Cream, one of the Fair winners this year. The other winner was Fried Butter. We didn't actually stand in line to try the fried butter. After Nick standing in this line for the peaches (see him towards the back?):and about a half hour later actually receiving the fried peaches 'n cream (some delay because all of the peaches were frozen and they had to thaw some)......we didn't really feel like a repeat for the fried butter. Look at these peaches though:Yeah, they were just as yummy as they look. The only thing I would change is that I'd serve them with a scoop of vanilla ice cream rather than that watery cup of cream they put on the plate. That would have been divine. They were tasty though.Oh look...Nick has the camera.Even later in the day Nick decided he wanted to try the southern style fried pork chips. I am glad he chose to because they were goooooood. They weren't crispy like the name implies. Imagine a really thinly sliced piece of pork chop, battered and deep fried but still being sort of flimsy instead of crispy like bacon. Yum. I would have personally liked to have had some ranch dressing to dip them in, but they were definitely yummy.So how many footballs do you think are in this 4 door Ford truck? I'd tell you my guess, but I'm curious to know yours. I actually counted all the balls in the windows and came up with a educated guess instead of just writing down a number. I'm probably way off...and I'm sure I'll get some Ford junk mail for signing up but hey, maybe I'll win. The whole reason I just had to go to the Fair despite being 36 weeks pregnant and not really in the proper shape for walking 2-3 miles all over the fairgrounds was of course to see my photos with their pretty ribbons attached.It was kind of difficult not to point out to all the people around that those were my pictures.Look! Improper quotation marks. I can go home happy now.Oh...I have to also take a moment to thank the Dallas police officer who took pity on me while I was in obvious discomfort from walking so much today and called a squad car over to take us to our car in the parking lot, which was conveniently located about as far away from the exit as it could have possibly been parked. It was my first time riding in a real police car. No worries - I made Nick ride in the back.


Jenn said...

Wow! Sounds like a great day! So cool to see your pictures up like that! Are you having contractions now or what? My money is still on the Halloween baby!

Jenn said...

P.S. I forgot to say you look awesome!

Angy said...

Oh fun! Riding in a police car. that is helpful when you are parked so far out. Glad you had a great day and even better since you got to sleep in too.