Saturday, October 10, 2009

Shower #2

It's fun working for the same company as your husband. One of the benefits is that when your office throws you a baby shower, you are both there. Nick didn't come to the church shower because it was a traditional women-only type of event. It was fun to have him be a part of the office shower though.The girls honored my wishes and threw us a Halloween-themed shower. It was really cute and they had the cake made at a local baker - a little baby popping out of a pumpkin. It was quite yummy!
We got lots of fun stuff.A bunch of people pooled money and purchased our stroller for us, which is awesome. It was one of the big ticket items we still needed, so that helped out a lot. Nick helped me unwrap it.
Then one of the girls standing behind us asked to see what it looked like. So Nick proceeded to raise the box up over his head......while sitting in front of a glass-topped table mind you.Note my expressions. I was worried. What a still photograph fails to show you is how this awkward, somewhat heavy over-sized box was teetering back and forth while my husband is holding it over his head.
I just knew that the big would slip from his hands and either hit him on the head, break the glass top table, or come flying at me. None of those options sounded great.When we were all finished we had a stroller, a few other large items, a box of gifts to bring home, and Nick's box of recycle paper. He is such a green-freak.


Jenn said...

Steve seems rather calm in the background during all this don't you think?

Angy said...

how fun, love the halloween theme. I know this is one of your favorite times of year. And I would have been worried about the falling stroller too. Quick note (you could share this with Nick). My cousin saved her wrapping paper also and cut it into stationary sized sheets, then she used it to write letters to people especially about how the baby was doing, growing etc. Made it fun and interesting to get the next letter just to see what paper she used.