Monday, October 26, 2009


Our nursery was featured at Spearmint Baby! Coolness.
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This morning was another check-up. Same old story as last week, only the doctor didn't even bother to violate, er, check me because he could tell that she hadn't dropped and there was no point. That doesn't mean it was an uneventful visit.

I was laying on the table while the nurse was chasing the baby around my belly trying to measure her heart rate when Dr. Safely walked in. He started flipping through my chart looking over the numbers and very quietly he said "Have you had any burning with urination?". I wasn't really paying attention to him because he generally makes a little small talk with Nick before we get started, so I didn't say anything until I realized that the nurse and Nick were both staring at me waiting for me to answer his question.

So I say, "Oh! I guess you're talking to me! No."


Dr. Safely made a mental note that the pregnancy brain has definitely set in and everyone got a big laugh on my behalf.

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