Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's the little things

I can't tie my own shoes anymore. Isn't that sad? A couple of days ago I went to the store and purchased some new tennis shoes because I just wasn't also pleased with the "support" my little slip-ons provided, and my current tennis shoes don't fit my gone-up-a-half-size feet. I successfully put them on myself twice, and now I can't do it anymore. There's something very inconvenient about a large belly that just doesn't give way when you bend over and tennis shoes. Day before yesterday I put on my socks, then my shoes, and after that 30 minute ordeal I was completely worn out and didn't even want to go to the store anymore. Last night we went to Babies 'r Us to spend our $150 in gift cards and use our 10% coupon from our registry and Nick had to put my shoes on for me! I suppose I could have eventually managed myself, but it would have taken me way longer and I would have been too tired to go after all that.

It's like I'm three.

I just miss being able to bend over. I nearly break down into tears every time I drop something, because now I have to assume the pregnant stance to attempt to reach said object off the floor. You know the stance: pregnant woman spreads her feet 3-4 feet apart and attempts to lean down just enough so that her fingertips can grasp whatever it is she dropped. If it's something flat, like a sheet of paper, you can almost guarantee that I'm going to leave it there. It's just not worth it. Having worked in retail for so long, I used to be one of those people who would stop and pick something up off the floor if I was the one who knocked it off the shelf. I'm sorry to say that I no longer do that because if I'm going to expel the energy necessary to bend over it's not going to be for something that doesn't even belong to me.

Bending forward is just useful, you know? When you physically can't do it anymore, you really miss it. There's this whole little person who is impeding the area that needs to bend. It's probably not like those old men who have those big beer guts. I'm guessing it's similar, but at least that probably gives way a little bit since it's just fat. A human? She doesn't just smush to the side. She's got structure: bones, limbs and a head that aren't going anywhere. Therefore I don't bend properly anymore.

I'm really not trying to complain. I am thankful for every minute of this pregnancy. So many people I know and thousands more that I don't know would trade places with me in a heartbeat, so I don't want to be one of those chicks who walks around the last month complaining about being tired of being pregnant. I will be pregnant as long as I have to be for this little girl to be ready to make her entrance into the world. I'll just be grateful when I can tie my own shoes again.

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Angy said...

Oh Brandi, I do remember those days! That and the can't sleep through the night because I constantly have to pee, or the rolling myself out of bed because I can't just get up. But the joy of holding that little one will so be worth it. I sent you a little gift last week. Hope you like it.