Wednesday, October 21, 2009

37 Weeks

I decided to give Nick another shot at his photography skills and we did a 37 weeks photo shoot yesterday. Look at the belly difference.Remember this belly shot? That was July 26. Wow.He got creative this time around and even climbed the ladder to get some shots.
This is probably my very favorite photo that he's ever taken of me. Apparently I make this face quite a bit and he says it is perfectly me. Another belly angle. Is there a good way to get these shots without it seeming like someone is photographing your boobs? (Sorry Dad.)I think my favorite thing about this angle is the lovely things it does for your chin. I should require that all future photographs be taken of me from atop a ladder. We can't end a photo shoot without a close-up self portrait, only it didn't work out so well because I had my 50 mm lens on the camera and the aperture was set to 1.8, so I'm blurry. I still like it though.

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More like....etc. said...

I lOVe your pics Brandi!!! Great job Nick! ;)

LOL on your bending post - just wait til she's 4 and you can't even remember the pregnancy! :(