Thursday, December 24, 2009

Let there not be light

Typically during the month of December our house sports quite a display of Christmas lights. This year, with the addition of Kate so close to the holiday season, you can imagine that I was not physically able to climb ladders and put lights in all the bushes at the end of November, seeing as I was still recovering from my c-section. Let's face it, I also just plain didn't have the energy nor the desire. Nick kept meaning to do his duty and still put lights on the house. His intentions were good, but other things just kept getting in the way and eventually there was just no point seeing as we were already halfway through the month.

My super competitive neighbor didn't really go all out either this year, so our little block that is normally all lit up and festive is kind of sad. I hope 2010 returns out house to its festive state. I bet Kate will be able to convince Daddy that she needs lights on the house.

None of this stopped up from driving around for a little while and enjoying the work of others in their holiday decor. We headed over to a fancy neighborhood full of humongous homes that we'll never, ever be able to afford. We figured we'd see some very lovely, well put together light displays there. We were not disappointed.But sometimes you just have to head back to the regular-folk side of town to see some really interesting displays. Take for instance this house. If you are wondering if the entire front and roof, as well as the yard, are covered in net lights, you would be correct. We go check out this place every year. It's not far from our house.This house isn't either, and while their lights leave a lot to be desired, look closely at the inflatable. Take your time...need help or do you have it figured out? Yes, it is Santa sitting on the toilet reading a book. No lie.Last, this house is right around the corner from us and I love his display. He puts up the same thing every year but adds a little bit here and there. It's tasteful and neat, and done completely in red and green.

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Laurie said...

those houses look so pretty, we didn't get our outside lights up this year either. Brian does them and he was so busy with finals then it got cold and late so we just had a dark house