Friday, January 29, 2010

For you, I will

Having a child has made me realize there are few, if any, things I would be unwilling to do for her. I can't say that of any other people, including Nick. For example, I am willing to pick my child's nose. In fact I've already done so on a couple of occasions.Bulb syringes, or booger suckers, are really great for removing snot from Kate's nose. She had a cold at Christmas and we really tested the boundaries of just how much snot that thing would remove on one suck. She hated it, naturally, and screamed as if we were trying to remove her brain through her nostrils.

Now that the cold is gone, she still almost daily has little peepers in there. You can see them, just hanging out, but they are generally out of reach. The bulb syringe is not quite as effective on these little visitors. I'm assuming this is because those cling-ons are the same consistency as that stuff that teachers use to hang posters on a cement wall. They are sticky. So rather than use the sucker over and over and over until the visitor has been fully removed, while Kate cries, it's just easier to get it close enough that mommy's fingernail can reach in and remove it the rest of the way.Yes, I am willing to do that for my daughter.
I am completely unwilling to do this for my husband. I hope it doesn't hurt his feelings. It's not that I don't love him...he's just capable of picking his own nose.


Shannon said...

So funny Brandi and I agree totally!

Jenn said...

Bah!! I'm sure Nick is crushed! She is SO adorable, I can hardly stand it! Keep up the good work Mommy!