Monday, February 1, 2010

Drool, a Beginning

We've arrived at a very special time in Kate's life, the stage where drool has taken over. If she's not asleep or eating, her hands (or yours) are in her mouth. I used to rely on her eating her hands as a hunger cue, but that has become unrealistic. I know this is just a beginning and as soon as she gets control of her fingers and grasping abilities she will begin to chew on anything and everything she can get in there.This kid produces an insane amount of drool, and I've owned two basset hounds. They had nothing on Kate. I am told that the drool level is only going to increase as other milestones like teething come along. Who knew kids were so soggy?Her poor little hands stay cold all the time because they stay wet all the time. She doesn't seem to mind, so I don't worry with it. I do have to use precautions when kissing her on the face these days, because I've come away with some pretty wet kisses. It's a good thing she's so cute.


Angy said...

Gorgeous! Just make sure you keep a bib or burp cloth around. Cuts down on some of the sogginess! I do remember those days. Enjoy ~ it passes way too quickly, my friend.

Sherri said...

Let the teething begin!

Shannon said...

Oh mercy Brandi do I remember those days. Kaitlyn was a drooler of epic proportions. I kept a bib on her constantly and changed it often. When Stephen came along I was all prepared and had tons of bibs. The boy didn't drool enough to hardly keep his mouth wet. :)