Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Guess who just turned three?I know...can you believe it? She's getting so big. She's at this really cute age where she's saying things that you can't imagine have just come out of her mouth and also at the tender age where she's developing quite the little diva-like attitude. I can't get over her accent. She's growing up in East Texas, so she's got quite a little country twang to her voice.Kylie wanted a princess party this year so all the little girls came dressed as their favorite one. Cute little princess costumes don't come in infant sizes during non-Halloween times, by the way, so we went with a different interpretation of princess and did this:She's a rock princess! Ha! Couldn't you just die over those little tights?? I found them at Babies r' Us, which is also where I found the rock princess tee. She was quite a hit in her rocker attire.


Jamie said...

Love the outfit!

Angy said...

Love those flip flops! Cutie patootie!