Monday, January 18, 2010

Five Generations

I have a very special photo taken when I was just a baby. The photo features five generations of women on my mother's side. It's pretty rare for someone to grow up knowing their great-great grandmother, but not only did I know her but my great-great grandfather as well.A couple of weeks ago while we were in Mt. Pleasant I decided to take the opportunity to duplicate this photo with Kate. My great grandma is 90 and still mows her own lawn. She drives during the daytime occasionally and is just as stubborn as they come. She's shrinking daily and I think tops out somewhere around 4'6" now. She's pretty much a little firecracker.Kate enjoyed her great-great grandmother. She just cooed and smiled at her while they talked.She also got to spend some time with her great grandparents. It's difficult to see everyone when you live a couple of hours away, but we'll take all the time we can get.

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Sherri said...

that's awesome to have 5 generation photos. 4 is a big thing, but 5 is super great!