Friday, January 8, 2010

First Hotel

Our road trip to Mt. Pleasant allowed Kate to have her first experience staying in a hotel. A family friend owns the Hampton Inn there and he was kind enough to give out of town guests coming in for Ashley's funeral free rooms. This was a huge blessing and saved us quite a bit of money. That Hampton Inn is extremely nice too!

I was nervous about how Kate would do with new surroundings and new situations. She did so well that I don't even know why I was nervous. She actually slept at night while we were there, and I can only assume this is because we were so busy during the day going from place to place and seeing so many people. Perhaps she and I should get out of the house more during the week, although not right now while the temperatures and wind chills are hovering in the Texas. No kidding.

Kate took a little cat nap in the morning with Daddy so I could head downstairs to enjoy the free breakfast. Aren't they sweet?

While we were there we had to have a Randy's burger (which I later regretted because apparently Kate's tummy doesn't do well with hamburgers) and we made a trip to Herschel's where I had a super delicious chicken fried steak. They are two required stops anytime you are in Mt. Pleasant, Texas.

Ashley's funeral was a lovely service. They estimated that over 600 people came and it was standing room only in the church. I was really touched to see so many people, friends and family, who cared for Ashley so much. Ashley was a Marine so he was buried in his dress blues, and a few of his fellow Marines were in the same at his service. It was really touching to see, but of course I am always touched when I see a service man or woman in uniform. I'm sappy that way.

It's sad that it takes a tragedy to bring my family together, but typically that's what has to happen unless it's a major holiday. Even then, there aren't as many faces to see there. We rarely make it to east Texas for Thanksgiving and Christmas. So while it was a sad time, it was also nice to see and talk to many relatives I hadn't seen in a long time. Bittersweet, I think is the right word. Next post I'll share with you some special family photos we took while we were there.


Angy said...

Oh my. Gorgeous pics of that beautiful girl of yours. Love the picture of Kate snoozing with daddy! Awesome!

Laurie said...

great pictures of Kate, she's getting so big. ((hugs)) to you and your family