Sunday, January 3, 2010

Road trip

We have to leave tomorrow for our first road trip as a family. I wish I could say it was a "just for fun" trip, but it's not. We're heading to my hometown in East Texas for a funeral. More on that in a minute.

Let me say, packing for a road trip with an infant is not an easy task. I know I packed way more clothes for Kate than I did for myself. The problem with infants and outfits is that they generally don't just wear one a day. As soon as you assume they're going to be in the same outfit all day long, they go and spit up all over themselves. I figured the best bet would be to overpack. But it doesn't just stop with clothes. You have to have diapers, wipes, medicines for just in cases, burp cloths, blankets, etc. It's kind of stressful!

Allow me to tell you a story. Picture a group of friends, in their 20s, at a concert at a club. They're having fun until a guy they don't really know start harassing one of the girls in the group. One of the guys steps in and asks the stranger to leave her alone, and eventually a fight ensues that causes both guys to be thrown out of the club. One is escorted out the front door, and the instigator is escorted out the back. As the group of friends start to go to their trucks and leave, the guy from the back comes around front and attacks the one who challenged him inside with a knife. He slits his throat and stabs him in the side, leaving him to die in the parking lot. He then takes off in his truck and is chased by police, only to turn himself in three hours later where he is hauled off to jail for murder.

This is the story of what happened to my cousin, Ashley Domino, on December 31. He was 23, and tomorrow we are heading to my hometown to attend his funeral. My family is heartbroken, and I am shocked. I can't imagine the kind of human being that would initiate a response of attack with a knife for something so silly as being thrown out of a club. He is currently in jail, charged with murder, and I hope he has enough heart that he is hurting for what he did.

Unfortunately I didn't know my cousin that well as an adult. My memories of him are from childhood. But that doesn't stop my heart from breaking for my family. This will be a difficult trip. It's always painful to bury a young person. Rest in peace, Ashley. July 27, 1986 - December 31, 2009


Jenn said...

Wow! My heart hurts for your entire family. Good Luck with the road trip. I'm sure Kate will do just great.

Sherri said...

This will indeed be a sad trip. No one should die so young especially for such a senseless reason. My prayers go out for all the family. Funerals are never easy but especially for someone so young.
I have to laugh at your experience for packing for the trip though. As a new young mom you are getting to experience so many new things and even though it can be stressful, try to not let it be and enjoy every minute! The funeral you are going to is proof that you just never know what the future holds. {{hugs}}

Fuzzy White Dogs said...

Oh Brandi, how awful!! I'm so sorry that happened to your cousin. Sounds like he was a good guy, taking time to defend the girl like that. (((Hugs))) and prayers for your family. RIP

Laurie said...

first...the packing :) I think for our first trip we packed everying...including his bathtub! heart is breakfing for you and your family, this is so senseless I am so so sorry