Monday, February 22, 2010

Because it's been a while

I haven't felt like blogging much this week after I finished my tribute to Matt, but I know it's time to get back in the groove. Matt's memorial service was difficult to get through, although I had to hold back a giggle during the middle of the service while Amazing Grace was being played. There's nothing wrong with Amazing Grace...but this version began with a normal looking quartet singing and somewhere in the middle it became a total operatic version like the Three Tenors would perform, only the video was still showing the same four men who were obviously lip-synching at this point before reverting back to the normal singing. It was weird, and I had to smile knowing that Matt probably would have thought it was hilarious.

I got to meet his parents. I mentioned before that I always heard Matt on the phone with his mother, who he called Momma, and I often said that I needed to meet his mother since he was often telling her about our daily activities. It was obvious by the reaction of his father and his mother than Matt spoke often of me, as he did many of his co-workers. It felt nice to know that I had a positive impact on his life and he enjoyed being my friend as much as I enjoyed being his.

In all we made it through, and now we can begin to move forward. I guess that's how it goes when you lose someone. Although that person is gone, everyone else is still here and needs you just the same as they always did. So that brings me to some sweetness that needs to be shared.

Today on Cake Wrecks, one of my favorite blogs, they featured Dr. Seuss themed cakes. You know how we love Dr. Seuss in our house, so I thought it only fitting that Kate's photos today had a similar theme.

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