Friday, February 12, 2010

Winter Wonderland

This morning I couldn't wait to get out of bed to see just how much snow fell on us last night while we slept. It was still coming down pretty good when we went to bed. In all, the DFW Airport received 12.5" of snow, the largest amount in any one 24 hour period. We are only 2" of snow away from the snowiest winter here in North Texas, so I will keep my fingers crossed that we break that record of 17.6".

These are some of the breath-taking views that greeted us this morning. Nick measured the snow on top of the Versa:
You can compare these next photos to the ones I took yesterday:This is my crepe myrtle that normally stands about 12' tall.No snow day is complete without a snowman. I built this one all by myself while Nick hung out with Kate inside. I gave him green hair.

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