Wednesday, March 24, 2010

All you need is love

Today nick took the day off work and we met up in Dallas with Heather and Will. They are in Texas for their baby showers. I wasn't able to travel to East Texas for either of them, but i am thankful that they had to run an errand in Dallas so that we could meet up with them for some lunch and wandering around the Galleria mall.Heather is a huge Beatles fan, so I was super excited to find a onesie on Ebay for her baby. I also came across an awesome fabric panel that I was able to match with some fabric at Joanns, and Nick's grandmother quilted it for me since I can't sew. I think it turned out so awesome and Heather was super excited about it.I wish they didn't so far away so that I could help her and watch her a she enters into motherhood, but for now we'll have to use Facebook and our phones to share in the firsts. Really I just want to be able to sit back and watch because I know this is going to be some adventure. They will be great parents!

While in the Galleria, we visited a store called LoveSac and sat on every different type of chair they carried. The Lovesac is basically like a bean bag, but calling it a beanbag is really an insult to this thing. They were wonderfully comfortable; so much so that I'm considering selling both of our couches and our bed and replacing them all with huge lovesacs. I highly recommend you find a place that sells them and take the opportunity to fall onto one in a store at some point. If you want to know what I want for Christmas, well, this is it. Kate would appreciate one as well.

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awww... look at sweet little Kate chillin' with her daddy :D