Monday, April 12, 2010

Busy Monday

Kate and I had quite a Monday. We went this morning to Babies 'r Us to pick up a baby shower gift (and buy Kate some shoes), to Ross where we didn't find anything, and to Target to buy a black fitted sheet.

By the way, I spent more time getting Kate out and in the car than I did shopping in Target.

Next we headed over to Susan and Jessy's house to do a family portrait session and get some shots of baby Cassidy. Cassidy was born about 6 weeks early and got to come home last Friday from the NICU. She weighed 4 pounds, 7 ounces at birth but today was only 1 ounce away from 5 pounds! She's a growing girl. Kate was fussy and clingy all during the photo shoot, which made for a long hour and a half. (I'll share some of my favorites photos from that shoot after I give them to Susan and Jessy.)We then headed home for a couple of hours before we were due to go back to Susan's for a baby shower. While we were at home it was requested of me that I pick up a fruit tray for the shower, so we had to make a stop at the grocery store for that. I went through the self check out which proved to be aggravating. That's mostly due to the lady ahead of me leaving her bags in the bagging area while she put her receipt away and dug for her keys. Even though I tried to scan my fruit tray three times while she was in my way, she still didn't take the hint. Then I had to wait for my 12" long receipt to print for the one fruit tray that I bought. I mean, come on...I didn't even need a receipt for that, let alone a whole foot of receipt. It had some survey to win money, the lottery numbers, my horoscope and my fortune.

Ok, maybe it was just the survey but that's just as pointless as all that other mess on my receipt. Tree killers!

We made it to the shower, which was just a mini version before her big church shower, since the church shower was delayed due to the unexpected early arrival of Cassidy. We had some Chick-fil-a and a Nothing Bundt Cake. Please remember for all future parties that I want a Nothing Bundt Cake. Every time. They are heavenly. Just look at all that cream cheese frosting.

Now we are home and I am exhausted. What we accomplished today is about a week's worth of activity for us. Tomorrow will be a lazy day for sure.


Angy said...

That cake looks delicious! It will get easier as Kate gets bigger, I promise. Not as hard to get her in and out of the car. Take a day or two to rest and relax before trying it again...

More like....etc. said...

that pic of Kate and Cassidy looks photo shopped! ;) LOL

it gets better, and then you will look back and say WHEW! ;)