Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Update

Softball season is in full swing (get it?) and Nick is happy as can be. This season he's playing second base and doing quite well. His Dad was in Texas for a couple of weeks so he was able to come see Nick play twice...and they won both games! It was pretty exciting for Nick to have his Dad watch him play ball for the first time in his life. He referred to it as "Field of dreams-like moment."

Bon Jovi was this weekend as well. The tickets were my birthday gift. Originally I planned for Nick and me to go, but the closer I got to the show the more I realized that both Mommy and Daddy didn't need to leave Kate for that long. It made me nervous, so Nick took one for the team and stayed home with his girl. I left him armed with four bottles of breast milk and a grandma on stand-by.

Mandy went with me to the concert. I am proud to report that I did very well in terms of worrying about Kate. I didn't call and only sent one text that said "This is me not checking in." to which Nick replied "This is me not telling you anything." Turns out she was pretty content with Daddy and Granpa Joe for about 3.5 hours. Then she got fussy...and then she got mad...and then she got hysterical. At that point Grandma came over and things calmed back down. I got home right around midnight, and I was more than happy to see my little girl. When I took her in my arms, she put both hands on my cheeks and cooed before nuzzling into my neck.

I don't think I'll leave her for quite that long while still breastfeeding (let's just say I was ready for some relief by the time I got home,) but it was nice to know she was happy for so long without me. My worst fear was that she'd scream the whole time.

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oh you flood me with memories...

thanks for that! ;)

~remember the retreat, I was still bf'ing Allybug and MAN talk about needing relief! ;)