Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Let me do it

If her first sentence is "Let me do it" or "I can do it" or "Get out of my way, moron, I got this" I won't be the least bit surprised. She seems a bit strong-willed already. I wonder where that comes from??Despite the fact that both Nick and I are capable of putting food in her mouth without her assistance, she seems determined to help as much as possible.This includes shoving her hand into her mouth after every bite.If she gets a good grip on the spoon, forget it. It's quite a struggle to get it away from her.But she's not big enough to do it herself. Hand her the bowl and she just turns it upside down. So for now, this is the mealtime routine.Does this look like the face of someone who is willing to negotiate?


Angy said...

Brandi, give her a spoon of her own to hold while you are feeding her. That might help! Too cute, the boys laughed aloud at this story!

Jenn said...

Ha! In that last one, she's totally going, "What? I really could. You got $5? Wanna make things interesting?" Adorable!