Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So what do you do when you have a baby who for whatever reason REFUSES to sleep in her crib, but can no longer nap on Mommy and Daddy's bed alone because she's crawling and will end up in the floor?From day one Kate has had no desire to sleep on her crib. It blows my mind because she sleep in the hospital bassinets just fine. She never even gives it a chance. Put her to sleep, and the second her little bottom touches that crib mattress she's awake and crying. I've successfully managed to get her to sleep for one nap in the crib ONCE. Sit her in the crib while she's awake to go do something, and she's golden. She plays and pulls herself up and has a great time. Sleep? No thank you.

For night time this has been no problem because we're a co-sleeping family. It's worked out well for us with the breastfeeding, and occasionally Kate's been known to wake in the night for a little snack. That's a lot easier to deal with if she's right next to me. Up until a few days ago, she took all her naps alone on our bed with pillows along the edges just in case. This was great; working fine. Now she's crawling.

Two days ago she woke up from her nap and crawled off the side of the bed before I could get back there. She wasn't hurt; it scared her more than anything. But such was the end of our great napping arrangement. Now we're working on the pallet on the floor arrangement. So far she's slept there for three naps, and although they weren't as long as her normal naps they were okay. I think it will just take a few days to acclimate to the new arrangement.

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