Monday, July 5, 2010

Master bath? Check.

If I had made a physical list of the things to do in the house for Project Sell My House, I could mark through "master bathroom." I haven't actually written things down yet. The list is still an evolving web of ideas that keep scrolling through my mind, and approximately every 36 hours or so I add something else to the list. I really should write it all down so that I don't overlook something down the road, but so far I just can't bring myself to finalize the swirling vortex of home improvement ideas that I'm trying to sort through. You can assume that when I finally do write it all down, I'm going to put "master bathroom" as number one just so I can mark a big black line through it.

Here are the official after pictures of the master bathroom. I figure if I photograph each room as it is complete it will be in its finest, most pristine condition and then when the time comes, I'll already have photos for the listing. Seems logical to me.The color is by Behr, called "brown teepee." It's delicious and I want to paint every room in my house this color. I actually think I've decided to bring it out into the master bedroom as well. Sort of as a way to tie the two rooms together and also because I've realized that I really need to paint that room as well. I wish I had painted this bathroom this color four years ago when we moved in.

I wish you could see the pretty chrome towel rack and toilet paper holder we bought for the bathroom in these photos. Nick thought they were a bit of a waste of money, but they really add just the right bit of oomph to the room to make it perfect. Just pretend you see them and agree with me.

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Jenn said...

Yep. I totally agree! Nice job. Love the color.