Sunday, July 4, 2010

Emptying my head

-I think the paint fumes might have affected my vision yesterday. Things seem hazy today. maybe I'm just tired.

-While we were eating lunch today at El Chico to fulfill a fajita and hot sauce craving, Nick looked up at the TV on the wall that was turned to ESPN and saw the outcome of the men's Wimbledon finals. He had DVR'd the men's Wimbledon finals and was going to watch it this afternoon. Instead, we are watching The Parent Trap.

-El Chico is my favorite hot sauce place.

-The MyASPCA commercial that they keep showing on ABC Family makes me cry. A slide show of images of poor little abused animals that need lovin' with Sarah Maclachlan-clancanhalan's Angel playing in the background just does something to me.

-I need a pedicure.

-The bathroom paint job is complete. I just need to clean and do some last minute touches. I think it looks splendid, and Nick even commented that it looked like a hotel bathroom instead of some random person's bathroom. I am pretty sure he meant that as a compliment.

-The rate at which my little girl is walking when you hold onto her arms is alarming. It won't be long and she's going to take off on her own. I am so not ready for that.

-Speaking of, tomorrow it will be 8 months since they pulled that little girl out of my womb. does that seem possible?
Happy 4th of July!

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