Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I tried to teach Trey how to dive this past weekend. I didn't realize that diving was so difficult to teach someone. Perhaps I just wasn't going about it the right way.
I told him to stick his hands out, and lean forward, basically falling into the pool without jumping. I told him his hands and head should go in first, with his legs and feet following. I showed him over and over. Every time he assumed the position, and then jumped into the water and belly flopped.I told him to imagine Superman flying out of the sky and into the pool. He'd go in headfirst, and his feet would follow. Try to look like Superman. So he did.Over and over he jumped in, with his hands out, and landed on his tummy. It must not have hurt too badly since he just kept doing it. It sure looked painful. He'll get it eventually.

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