Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ready to go

I've been working over the last week to get the photography website up and running. I've tweaked a few things here and there, and because this is 2010 and it's the thing to do, I've even started a blog to go along with it. In case you haven't seen it, the website is Kays Photography. The sister blog is linked from the site, but you can also check it out here. I plan on either myself or Mandy posting a blog every time we do a shoot, so you can follow along and enjoy a sneak peek a some of the photos.

VBS concluded this weekend at church and man, I am tired! I took photos again this year (which are hosted on our new site, yay!) which means a whole lot of walking around the church as I move from group to group and follow the kids from their various activities. It's fun though, and it gives me an opportunity to shoot pictures and work on my skills. I am glad it's over though. It's pretty exhausting!

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Nicole said...

hey there! I found your blog through spearmint baby. I was looking for ideas for Dr. Seuss nurseries, and stumbled upon yours! It is great! Love it! I was wondering if you made your fish mobile or if you purchsed it... I have been looking for something, and I think this is perfect. Please drop me a line when you have time...