Friday, August 13, 2010

Road Trip

As soon as Nick gets out of the shower, and we pack the last of Kate's stuff, and then load everything into the car, and go to the bathroom one last time, we are hitting the road for Montana. Yes, Montana. Like, that state all the way up there by Canada. From Texas. Nick's Dad is retiring from the Air Force so we're headed up for the ceremony and to visit.

26 hours, because I know you just asked yourself how long that drive takes.

Well, 26 hours for adults who don't make frequent stops. Probably not 26 hours for adults who have a 9 month old in the car. Not sure how much longer it will take, but longer indeed. The good news it that we're dividing the drive up in Boulder and spending the afternoon with Nick's stepsister tomorrow. We're driving overnight in hopes that Kate will have an easier time sleeping most of the way. We will see how that plan goes.

Let me just tell you, it takes a lot of stuff to pack a 9 month old and take her out of state for 10 days. It's kind of crazy.

Let's hope we're not completely insane for attempting this trip and that it's totally worth it.

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