Saturday, September 4, 2010

Did you know?

Did you know that Fort Worth had one natural waterfall? There are plenty of man-made falls, but there is one and only one that was carved by the hand of God. We went out to the site today and it was totally worth the trip!I wish we had gone yesterday or even the day before, right after the rain, so that there was more water flowing. I bet it is even more spectacular right after a heavy rain, so one of these days I'm just going to have to go see.The city has recently spent $250k adding more bike trails and walkways to this site, which was until recently on private property. I'm grateful that they decided to make this open for public view, because it's beautiful!I'm also thinking this will make a fantastic spot for photo shoots too. : )

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Angy said...

I wondered where you were going when you mentioned a waterfall. Kind of reminds me (on a grander scale) of the place you and I found on our way to Austin one day. And it did make a great place for a photo shoot. BTW James received a job offer for Mannheim Germany. So we jumped on it and will be headed that way in 3 weeks. Italy is okay but we LOVE Germany and if we have to be overseas I want to be in a place that has walking/biking trails, clean air, good food, and better schools for the kids. We will be living in Heidelberg so the boys can go to school there. The Mannheim schools are scheduled to close next summer and we want the boys to be the same school as long as possible. We should be there long enough for Caleb to graduate (yikes-3 years) and possibly for Jared. Love your photos and updates. Know I read every one of them even when I don't comment.