Friday, September 3, 2010

My Toys

Every morning, after we eat breakfast, Kate enjoys her playtime. She has to empty the toy basket almost completely before she will decide what to play with first. I will often stack her blocks because she does not like for things to be stacked! She immediately crawls over to knock them down.She loves this little butterfly. You pull on the tail and it will say about a dozen different things, which have made her smile since she was a lot smaller. I don't know why it's so mesmerizing to her.This teapot kills me. It sings in a British accent. ha ha ha!Then there's the ring stacker. She doesn't like for the rings to be stacked on this either. It's her job to destroy the stack anytime she sees it sitting there, all nice and pretty.Once she's done playing, she sacks out for a while.


More like....etc. said...

awww... I {love} her!!! she is growing so fast! {huge hugs to Kate and Momma!} ;)

Laurie said...

what amazing pictures!