Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy 30th, Gerald

Last night we celebrated Gerald's birthday. In the Spring of 2011, Gerald will become Kate's Uncle Gerald when he and Aunt Karyn tie the knot.Gerald is pretty easy going. He's not what you might call an animated person. I shot their engagement pictures and even when Gerald smiles, he doesn't smile much. So I was super excited to snap a couple of photos of him last night with an actual smile! Apparently, if you want to catch that on camera, you have to give him a grill.I know...he's not facing the camera, but you can totally tell that he has a huge grin on his face. It counts.

If you give someone a grill, I highly recommend you follow in my oh-so-talented sis-in-law's footsteps and bake some charcoal cupcakes and popcorn hamburger patties. Because that makes getting a grill even cooler!Look at this cupcake. How cute is that??I've already began talks with her regarding the goodies for Kate's first birthday, and I am SOO excited about what we have planned. I know she is going to rock it out with her talents and even though Kate won't be old enough to appreciate it, she's going to love the pictures some day.

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Heather Patterson said...

yum and YUM! where's the recipes! :)