Sunday, September 12, 2010

Her drawer

It amazes me how mobile Kate has become in the past few weeks. She doesn't stay where she can see me anymore or just outside of view, which is how she handled crawling at first. It's not unusual for me to look up and Kate is no where in sight. Generally, when I call her name, I hear her giggle and she comes right back to where I can see her. But this is also not always the case. We've learned that we now have to keep all the doors shut down the hallway, and also the door leading out of the kitchen into the laundry/office area. She is adventurous now.

Her fondness for playing with the dog food, and more specifically the water bowl, has not diminished. In fact, the first thing she does each day is head into the kitchen to see if Mommy has remembered to pick those up. Otherwise she picks up the water bowl and pours it all over her legs and the floor. I don't know why soaking your socks and bottom is fun, but she loves it. Since the kitchen is the nearest room for her to crawl too, and the hallway doesn't offer much fun, I decided to give her a drawer.She really likes it.It's fun to watch her take each piece out of the drawer and litter the kitchen floor with them. Then she'll choose which piece to focus her attention on, but not until she's content with the amount of plastic all over my kitchen.Whatever makes you happy, sweet girl.