Tuesday, October 12, 2010


A good friend asked me a few weeks back if I would paint a canvas with a scripture on it for her classroom. I agreed and she eventually picked up the supplies I would need. I am quite pleased with the outcome:It makes me want to go buy an easel and paint canvases for everyone I know. Nick said I can't have an easel, so I guess if I do decide to go into the art business, you know, on the side of being a Mom and a photographer, I'll just have to keep painting on the kitchen table.

The reason I'm not allowed to buy an easel is because I just ordered these yesterday from B&H:*squeal* I need to book lots of shoots to pay for this baby!

Finally, a blog post just isn't a blog post without a shot of my cutie pie. Just look at those ruffly purple jammies!


Angy said...

OH MY Gravy she is so stinkin' cute! Love that you are blogging so often. Wish I could see her grow in person though. Beautiful...thanks.

Jenn said...

I'm EEEKing with you! New camera, yay! And the kitchen table seemed to work out just fine! Great job.