Friday, October 8, 2010

Our new normal

This week something incredible happened. It's been coming for a while. Kate has been cruising around our house with one hand on something for support for weeks now. It was just a matter of time before letting go was normal for her. That week has come.I can't pinpoint an exact moment when she just let go. At some point, she realized that she could get from one piece of furniture to the next without holding on. She started standing next to furniture without holding on, and when she realized it she would quickly grab something to support herself. But now she has stopped doing that so much.Now she lets go and cruises right by a piece of furniture that just a few days ago she would have grabbed hold of. She's, well, she's walking.This is our new normal.
This reality comes with one other thing: dirty socks.

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Jenn said...

She looks so proud of herself! Isn't it great to watch your child discover new things and abilities?