Friday, November 26, 2010

Friend Friday

Today we spent the day with my best friend and her family. We started off by eating a burger at Randy's, a local joint in my hometown that serves wonderful burgers. They may or may not be the best in the world, but I grew up on them and I think they're divine. Pretty much everyone in my hometown agrees.

After walking around downtown for a little bit and visiting a couple of local shops, we spent the rest of the day at Heather's parents house eating pie, doing a photo shoot, and playing 42. And eating pie again. There was a lot of pie. I watched the domino game while they taught my husband how to play, and I think he might be hooked.The girls aren't old enough to play with each other yet, but I did manage to get some photos of them together. When I sat Kate down next to Olivia, she began to pat her on the head. It quickly turned to just plain hitting her though, so I had to police that activity. Olivia was not pleased.It was easy to distract Kate from hitting Olivia if I would tell her to give her kisses, which she kept trying to do. It was super sweet.It was a much better way to spend black Friday than standing in line fighting over a discounted toy. Did I mention there was pie?

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Jenn said...

Love he facial expressions. Kate is such a sweety!