Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Time

Today was a wonderful, fulfilling day. We spent Thanksgiving at Grandma's house in East Texas. It was the first time we have traveled to Mt Pleasant for a holiday in a few years. I got to see many of my cousins, and we haven't all been together in a while.There was lots and lots and lots of food. I had chicken and dressing, rice dressing, mashed potatoes, cheese, rolls, turkey, ham, and deviled eggs. Then of course there was dessert.I had a lot of dessert. Sweet potato pie, chocolate pie, pineapple pie, Mexican cheesecake (which some of my friend call Australian cheesecake but we've always called Mexican), buttermilk pie, and red velvet cake. Oh the red velvet cake. My grandma makes the best red velvet cake in the whole wide world, and if you dare say that you disagree you might just get smacked. It's all about her icing. Not that silly cream cheese stuff. This is a sugary goodness that really should be on all cake, but it's oh-so-wonderful on red velvet cake.I have my cousin Amber to thank for the red velvet cake because today was her birthday, however I know even if there had been no birthday Grandma still would have made one because we all love it.

We had kiddos running around everywhere. At one point Grandma had 5 great grandbabies to play with, although Caleb is only 5 months old so he doesn't really get to play yet.My great grandmother was there as well, and so we attempted to get a photo with her and the great great grandbabies that were still there when we thought to take a photo. It was no easy feat to get them all to look in the same general direction, but it's still a special photo to have. She's 90 this year.This year I'm thankful for family! (and dessert)

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