Friday, November 12, 2010

The icky blah

I have been awake since 4 am today. This week has been fun filled at my house. I started off the beginning of the week with a stomach virus, and unfortunately on Thursday Nick decided it was his turn just as I was making a recovery. He stayed home from work today, and this morning at 4 Kate began getting very restless in bed so we eventually got up at 5, and she joined him in the stomach bug issues shortly there after. He's finished being sick, thankfully, and she's only done it once and hopefully that will be all. All I can say is she had perfect timing because she was sitting in her high chair and wearing a plastic bib with a pocket on the front so the clean up was very easy for me. Neither of them have fever anymore, and I am hoping it stays that way.

What a joy! Anyone want to come over?
I do feel bad that I might possibly have shared my illness with other folks at church on Wednesday night. We will see if anyone gets sick, and if they do then it's totally my fault. I don't plan on taking care of them though - I have my hands full. I especially hope Cassidy doesn't get sick since Kate and I played with her during services for a few minutes.Kate had her one year check up on Monday. She weighed 20 pounds, 9 ounces and is 29 1/2" tall. She has officially doubled her weight and grown 8 1/4" since birth. She's rather petite, when I compare her to other kids of similar age, although she falls on the 50th percentile area on the charts. Maybe she's just around a lot of big kids.

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