Monday, November 15, 2010

Playing dress up

I got out of the shower today and found my daughter wearing this:She likes to dig through my drawers while I'm showering. Usually she sticks to the sock drawer, but sometimes she pulls open the underwear/bra drawer and empties its contents all over the floor. Not today. The only item she pulled out today was this bra, and she was perfectly content to play with it while I got ready to go run errands.It's so cute I'm not even embarrassed to post pictures of my bra on the internet. Sorry, Dad. Hope you are not disturbed.

Tomorrow I'll show you what she did once the bra fun wore off.


{S} said...

LOL!! too cute!! And I love the perspective of the shower photo from over the top of the wall too. :~)

Fuzzy White Dogs said...

Nothing like playing with your momma's bra when you're a little girl! My sister & I used to put on mom's bras when we were in the tub. (She'd toss them in there for us to "hand wash"). Good times! LOL