Monday, November 1, 2010

Karyn's pumpkins part 2

My sister-in-law is all about the difficult pumpkins. Take a look:This viking took her about 6 hours to carve. The pumpkin she carved it on weighed over 30 pounds - it was a big one. I think he's fabulous. She decided to create Thor's hammer to go along with it:Who doesn't love the Ghostbusters?Then there is this. This pattern is called "If Tiffany Carved a Pumpkin", as in Tiffany lamps. There was no other way to display this but on an actual lamp, right?
Look at the close up. This took her 8 hours to carve.She rocks.

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{S} said...

O. M. Goodness gracious!! Seriously! she blows my mind with those carvings! I'm surprised she hasn't started her own pumpkin farm yet.
I shared Viking Thor with my comic geek husband and his more geeked friend... Everyone should know of you guys! That lamp shade is just fantastic. How long do the pumpkins last after they are carved?