Monday, November 1, 2010

More pumpkins

Here are the rest of the pumpkins that I carved this year:I carved the Beatles in those little pie pumpkins. Those things are surprisingly difficult to carve, not because of their size but because their skin is so tough. This is my extreme pumpkin from this year, the tiger. He is carved on a big pumpkin, probably weighed around 35 pounds. I couldn't wrap my arms all the way around it. This took me about 5 hours. Pumpkin eating a pumpkin. This came about because one of our pumpkins had a soft spot on the back side. When Nana cut the soft spot out, it ended up looking like a big mouth so I went with it and this was the outcome.And finally, this last pumpkin summed up my feelings about the whole holiday. This was after 4 days and countless hours carving...No offense. : )

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{S} said...

LOL!!! I love what you did! very fun! Your tiger is awesome! all of them are!