Sunday, November 7, 2010

Seussical treats

The only way to do a Dr. Seuss party is to have some very Seussical treats.Kate's Aunt Karyn, who now runs her own bakery business Sugar Rush, made the big birthday cake. I requested the Cat's hat and she delivered! She used homemade fondant, which was way better than the store bought stuff, and the inside was a layered cake: chocolate and pumpkin! It was oh-so-delicious, and super cute, but pretty much everything Karyn bakes is oh-so-delicious.I made the Thing 1 and Thing 2 cupcakes, as well as the green eggs and ham. No Seuss party is complete without them!I also stepped up to the plate and baked Kate's smash cake myself. I used a sugar free box mix and icing, which Walmart now sells (cool!) and mixed gel colors into the icing and drew the truffela trees on top. Inside there were three layers, a purple, pink, and blue layer. It rocked, if I do say so myself.Everything looked fantastic!

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Jamie said...

I am duly impressed! Good job, Mama! And Kate looks adorable.