Sunday, January 30, 2011

Project 365 Week 4

01/22/11: Today was cheat day for the diet, so I had some Panda Express for lunch. I love Panda Express. The orange chicken and fried rice is my favorite, and I could literally eat this every single day.

Also, I learned with this photo that food doesn't really look so tempting in black and white. Hmm.

01/23/11: This is Tonks, our cat. She's not overly friendly to anyone except my husband. She has her moments though.01/24/11: I've been dealing with a nasty stomach bug since last night, so I decided this afternoon that a bubble bath with a new magazine was in order.

01/25/11: Photographically this picture is all wrong. I didn't fix my settings before I shot it so the exposure is all out of whack, but I still love it.
01/26/11: Despite having my water bottle beside me pretty much all day, getting enough water every day is still something I struggle with. I'm just not a sipper. My husband is constantly on my case about it.
01/27/11: I tried on a few shirts this afternoon so I let Kate sit on the bench in the fitting room. She got quite tickled at sitting there like a big girl.
01/28/11: Kate found another use for some of my tupperware today.

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