Sunday, January 2, 2011

Her kitchen

Yesterday we had lunch at my mother-in-law's for the New Year (yes Dad, I actually ate a spoonful of black-eyed peas. Bill made me.). After lunch, Nick and I left the child with them and came home to tackle putting up all the Christmas decorations at the house. It was a little chilly outside, but it needed to be done. Taking down the Christmas trees inside meant that I had room to finally assemble the kitchen Kate got for Christmas.

She was a little confused when she noticed the trees were gone. She had formed the habit of making sure they were turned on as soon as we got home or woke up every day. But I don't think she minds the kitchen that now stands in the corner where the tree was.

She also received some play food for her kitchen, so I went through the package and pulled out all the big pieces that she can't swallow for her to play with. There are also tiny pots and pans that came with the kitchen itself, but since she's not even tall enough to know there is a pretend stove top up there, I packed those away for now too.

I'm glad that she's a little small for it for now. She can grow into it and I am sure will spend countless hours with this set, cooking yummy meals for Mommy and Daddy.

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Sherri said...

How fun! Can she make me some Oreo balls? ha