Monday, March 14, 2011

6 years

Saturday, for our six year anniversary, we packed up the kiddo and dropped her off with my Mom. Then Nick and I headed to lunch, did a little shopping, and ultimately ended up at the Omni Hotel in downtown Fort Worth. As a surprise, I had booked us a room for our first night away from our daughter. Nick was quite surprised for sure - he didn't know we were staying overnight somewhere! I had packed our suitcase without him knowing.
Our room was really nice. We had a bit of a let down when we first arrived because the room wasn't ready. The concierge sent us to Starbucks in the hotel and we got a couple of free beverages while we waited. It took an hour and a half for us to get a room, which was very disappointing, but Nick was very nice when he told the concierge that he was not pleased and we ended up with a free dinner in the hotel restaurant, Cast Iron. I had hickory smoked salmon and Nick had a ribeye. It was a delicious meal and since it was free we gave our waiter a $20 tip. He was excited.

Before dinner, we exchanged cards and Nick gave me a gift. It was wrapped in a little gold box, which I knew meant jewelry. I'm one of those girls who is totally excited to get gifts in tiny black boxes. He had picked out a beautiful sapphire necklace for me! I love it because it's gorgeous, but it's not too fancy that I can't wear it every day.

After dinner, we went down to Sundance Square for a bit and had dessert at Simply Fondue. Neither of us had ever been, and since it was our anniversary I decided to splurge a little bit on my daily points and we split a chocolate bliss fondue. It came with cookie dough, brownies, cherries, pineapple, angel food cake, banana, strawberries, and pretzels to dip in the chocolate. It was so very good.

After we got back from Sundance Square, the concierge that Nick
had spoken with earlier had a bottle of wine and some truffles sent to our room along with a nice letter apologizing again for our check-in experience. I thought it was a nice touch, even though we don't drink. We kept the bottle though.

Sunday morning we had breakfast brought to the room by room service. I had included it in our package when I booked the room.
We definitely had our fill. I was enamored by the tiny condiments. I brought home the 2 bottles of ketchup, the tiny Tabasco, and the little jar of honey. I couldn't help myself.

We did a little more shopping and then went to lunch before heading over to my Mom house to pick up Kate. She didn't even seem to miss us! Figures. I'm glad she did well on her first overnight stay.

In all it was a great anniversary celebration! I am thankful for my wonderful husband and hope for 60 more years with him!

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