Monday, March 14, 2011

Room 1323

Our room at the Omni Hotel was on the 13th floor, which kind of surprised me because I always thought high rise buildings didn't have a 13th floor. Whatever; I'm not superstitious.
Our bed was full of really comfortable, fluffy pillows. I wanted to bring them home.
We thought about buying a movie after we got in for the night, but then we realized that with the time change we would be up really late trying to finish it so we opted not to buy one after all.

I should've warned Nick I was taking a picture in the bathroom mirror. Maybe he would have smiled. See the shower? I LOVED that shower. I wish my shower at home was that big. It was nice.
We had a nice view; not a spectacular view. I wish the sunset had been nicer because we had a perfect view for it, but the clouds were too thick to see it.


Jenn said...

Great pic with all the blues, even if you didn't get a traditional sunset! Looks like you had an awesome celebration. Congrats!

{mandy} said...

looks like a great hotel! glad you were ok on the 13th floor.