Sunday, March 20, 2011

Project 365 Week 11

03/12/11: Happy anniversary to my hubby! I booked us a room at the new Omni hotel in downtown Fort Worth for the night. I love fancy hotels!
03/13/11: Hello adorable tiny condiments from the room service tray!!! (I totally brought these home with me.)
03/14/11: I totally skipped today. I am bummed, but I chose not to lie and just use a photo from a different day even though you would have never known the difference. I would have known.

03/15/11: Hello new running shoes. I found these beauties today. They were regular price $64.99, on sale for $60, and then rang up $49.99 at the register. Score! Oh, and all the lighter gray you see? In color, it's bright pink! Shoelaces too!!
03/16/11: Afternoon play time with Uncle Trey.
03/17/11: The electric company sent out a tree service today to trim the only big tree in my backyard because it was interfering with the wires. I'm okay with that, mainly because I didn't have to pay for it nor do the work. But they left my poor tree kind of silly looking. It's basically a trash tree, some kind of big weed really, so I would have preferred that they just chop the whole thing down.
03/18/11: Rehearsal dinner for the sis-in-law's wedding this evening. Yes, that's a dinosaur behind them. Why do you ask?

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