Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter at Yiayia's

Easter Sunday was a busy, busy day. We headed over to Nick's Mom's house for lunch (ham of course!) and egg coloring, which of course was followed by another egg hunt. This was Kate's first experience coloring eggs. She was happy to drop them into the colored water, but then she kept trying to stick her fingers in the water and taste it. Ew.
We invited the neighbor kids, Drew and Brooklyn, so they could hunt eggs with Kate. That turned out to be a good decision because Kate was not very interested in hunting eggs this go around...she wanted to go for a walk instead. We kept having to coax her back to the yard to get an egg or two.
Aunt Karyn gave Kate some sidewalk chalk in her Easter basket, so I sat with her on the back patio to show her the wonders of coloring. I've been hesitant to introduce coloring just because I know that means I'm going to have to go on constant ink and marker alert around the house. I suppose she has to start sometime though, right?
No comments about my extremely pale legs, ok?

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