Tuesday, April 19, 2011

First Easter Egg Hunt

Sunday night after church we had our first Easter egg hunt at the playground across the street from the building. We began the evening with a hot dog meal and an appearance by the Easter Bunny. Guess who was NOT pleased with the Easter Bunny? I had flashbacks to the Santa episodes for sure, only I think the level of terror had increased for the bunny.
After that trauma, the bunny walked the kids across the street for the egg hunt. Kate was still not pleased he was around, but once we got outside she sort of forgot about him. I wasn't sure how quickly Kate would catch on to the concept of egg hunting, especially with so many kids and adults running around!
The first egg she picked up, after Daddy pointed it out, she tried to hand to him instead of put in her basket. (I should stop to say that she loves her Easter basket. She carries it all over the house when I let her play with it.) Once Daddy showed her how to put them in the basket it was on!
After the hunting, there was much egg sorting and eventually playing on the playground.
Kate was so tired when we finished. I wasn't sure she was going to stay awake through her bath. It was a great time, and I can't wait to hunt more eggs this weekend with family!


More like....etc. said...

bwhahaha... poor little Kate! :(
{mean momma} ;) {I did the same thing with Santa} LoL probably the reason for my kid's night terrors!

Karyn said...

In her defense, that is a terrifying rabbit.