Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring time Kate

I have been trying to find bluebonnets to take pictures of Kate this year. We took some last year, and it would be nice to do that each Spring for posterity. I've been unsuccessful in locating any that are within a 30-45 minute drive so far. It's kind of a shame. Today we set out to a spot that I know had some blooming a couple of weeks ago based on the photo I found online, however those have already run their course. So we ended up finding a pretty field of pink wildflowers instead. It worked out ok. I still managed some pretty shots of my sweet baby girl and took a few of my Mom and stepdad as well.
I stopped so I could get some cute shots of Kate crossing this bridge all alone. However, as soon as she noticed that I was no longer right behind her, Kate turned around and yelled, "Ma!" at me. Glad I captured that. She's so funny.

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