Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Day at Grandma's

This week Kate and I took a little road trip back home to see my grandma and my friend who was in town from DC. We spent all afternoon on Tuesday at Grandma's house.

We pulled weeds out of Grandma's yard.
We pointed at airplanes.
We played with the skunk.
We played ball.
We walked.
We went up and down the back patio steps.
We smelled the flowers.
We pretended to be in jail.
We drove the golf cart.
We looked at the cows.
We stood at the highway so the truckers could honk at us.
We watched while Grandma showed us how to use the baseball bat.
We swept up the little wormy things from the sidewalk with a fly swatter.
We had a really, really good day.

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