Monday, May 30, 2011

Double Digits

Today my little brother turned 10. He hit double digits. You know he's only three short years away from being a teenager, at which time my little girl will be FOUR and I'll be.....nevermind.

It's not happening.

Anyway, he decided he didn't want a big party this year so we let him pick a restaurant and we had a family dinner at Chili's. He's a bit partial to their Texas cheese fries. After dinner there we went back to Mom's and had cake and ice cream. A couple of the neighborhood boys that Trey plays with came over for that part.

Trey also said he didn't want anyone to sing happy birthday to him at the restaurant, but when they put the brownie a la mode down in front of him he quickly changed his tune. It was quite tasty too!
Just ask Kate:
So he's 10, and Kate's 18 months old and neither one of them is allowed to get any older. I'm putting my foot down. I'm also going back to being 29. It just sounds better.

Oh, and aren't we cute?

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